The ultimate software solution to manage your hotel

Take your hotel operations to the next level

HUBTEL is a hotel management solution provided by HUB IT. It allows you to simply monitor and control all aspects of your hotel management needs. HUBTEL integrates all your internal departments, and external channels under one roof.

HUBTEL System Functions

Front Desk Operations

HUBTEL's reservation system keeps track of all the information needed, visitor and booking information, and other specifics the front desk attendant may need, ready on demand. The employees can check and change bookings, payments, the status of reservations, and other information through one dashboard.

Back-office Management

Managing a hotel's internal departments varies from one hotel to other. Depending on your needs the back-office module could provide functions such as: F&B management, inventory management, gym & spa management, and certain marketing tools ( E-mail & SMS campaigns), and other services and amenities your hotel may provide. In order to maintain full control and achieve interdepartmental collaborations.

Conference and Event Management

This module helps organize, and retrieve necessary information for effectively managing conferences and events

Communication and Data Management

Our built-in CRM system helps gather and organize customer data, to easily get in touch with, whether it's to provide them with a promotion, thank them for their stay, or confirm their reservation. It will also help in building membership/loyalty programs.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

To help enlighten the front desk of the condition of each room this module comes in very useful. It shows which rooms are clean and ready for guests to occupy, or whether it's yet to be inspected. > If a room needs some sort of maintenance, and what state the room is in.

Inventory Management

Whether it's F&B, housekeeping, or any department requiring storage, HUBTEL's inventory management module helps maintain an accurate measure, and the ability to reorder when required.

Financial and Accounting Management

Managing accounts payable and accounts receivable.
Billing and invoicing
Deals with all major currencies, with regularly updated exchange rates
Integrating with accounting department with ease
Integrated with POSHUB, making it easier to for transactions to be recorded

Human Resource Management

A user-friendly database, filling and archiving all the necessary credentials of employees, payroll, attendance, employee evaluation, and recruitment.

Third party Integration

HUBTEL integrates with third party platforms, such as online booking websites, and banking platforms for payment transactions

Reports and Analytics

In order to generate proper analytics and reports, it is important to gather the necessary information in an accurate manner such as reservations, room availability, occupancy rate, and other essential data. With HUBTEL reports and analytics are self-generated, due to the availability of the required data and its accuracy.

Why Choose HUB TEL?
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