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Transform healthcare with our all-in-one hospital and patient management system (HMS + PMS), serving medical institutions from small clinics to large hospitals and specialized healthcare centers.

Our comprehensive solution encompasses all the features essential for effectively managing, analyzing, and controlling your medical organization, providing the competitive advantage you seek. With modules covering patient management, appointment scheduling, billing, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and more, our system is designed to streamline operations, enhance patient care, and elevate the overall efficiency of your healthcare facility.


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Our medical system is innovative and patient-centered, designed to empower healthcare managers in streamlining and improving both patient care and hospital operations.

Patient Management

With MedHub, our Patient Management module revolutionizes how patient information is handled. From initial registration to detailed medical history, we encompass comprehensive management of both inpatient and outpatient services, all the way to discharge. This module ensures that every aspect of the patient journey, whether it's a short visit or a prolonged stay, is seamlessly integrated and easily accessible for healthcare professionals. Our aim is to provide an efficient and coherent experience for patients and staff alike, making patient care more effective and streamlined.

Appointment and Scheduling

Our Appointment and Scheduling module brings efficiency to the forefront. Streamlining the process of scheduling patient appointments, managing doctor calendars, and organizing surgeries, we optimize your hospital's time and resource allocation.

Billing and Financial Management

MedHub Billing and Financial Management modules transform the financial operations of your hospital. It encompasses everything from patient billing and insurance claims to financial reporting, ensuring accuracy and transparency in all financial matters.

Laboratory Management

Our Laboratory Management module integrates directly with lab equipment, automating the process of managing test requests, recording results, and ensuring swift, accurate communication between laboratories, doctors, and patients.

Pharmacy Management

The Pharmacy Management module by MedHub efficiently manages drug inventories, prescriptions, dispensing, and sales. We ensure medication safety and availability, streamlining pharmacy operations for optimal patient care.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

MedHub's EMR module is the cornerstone of digital healthcare. It securely stores and manages all patient health records, making them easily accessible while maintaining patient confidentiality.

Radiology Information System (RIS)

Our RIS module is designed to streamline radiological services. From scheduling imaging tests to storing and managing results, we integrate seamlessly with your existing imaging equipment.

Operation Room Management

Optimize your surgical suite with MedHub's Operation Theatre Management module. It covers everything from scheduling surgeries to resource allocation, ensuring every operation runs smoothly.

Nursing and Ward Management

Our Nursing and Ward Management module enhances patient care in every hospital ward. We focus on efficient bed management, nurse assignments, and monitoring patient care, ensuring comfort and safety for all patients.

Human Resource Management

MedHub’s Human Resource Management module tackles all your staffing needs. From scheduling to payroll and performance evaluations, we handle it all, allowing you to focus on delivering top-notch healthcare.

Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Streamline your procurement processes with our Inventory and Supply Chain Management module. Keep track of hospital supplies, manage vendor relations, and ensure efficient distribution across your healthcare facility.

Reporting and Analytics

Our Reporting and Analytics module provides deep insights into your hospital's operations. With comprehensive data analysis and reporting, make informed decisions to improve patient care and hospital efficiency.

Dietary Management

Our Dietary Management module ensures nutritional care for patients. With tailored meal planning, kitchen inventory management, and meal scheduling, we cater to the unique dietary needs of each patient.

Housekeeping and Maintenance Management

Keep your hospital pristine with MedHub's Housekeeping and Maintenance Management. From scheduled cleaning to equipment upkeep, we ensure a safe and hygienic environment for patients and staff.

Our Solutions

MED HUB Hospital Management

MedHub is your comprehensive solution for seamless hospital management, tailored for clinics to multi-specialty hospitals. Beyond traditional patient admission, it excels in pre-admission, patient management, treatment planning, and discharge processes, ensuring an effective and streamlined healthcare experience.

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