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Elevate clinic operations with our all-encompassing Clinic Management System (CMS), perfect for medical practices from intimate clinics to expansive healthcare centers.

Our comprehensive CMS provides all the crucial features necessary for the effective administration, analysis, and oversight of your clinic, giving you a competitive edge. With modules tailored for patient management, appointment scheduling, billing, and Electronic Medical Records (EMR), our system simplifies your clinic’s workflow, boosts patient care, and enhances overall efficiency.


Clinic HUB

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Our clinic management system is cutting-edge and patient-focused, crafted to empower healthcare administrators in optimizing and advancing both patient care and clinic operations.


This feature enables a smooth booking experience for patients, allowing them to select available time slots, manage cancellations, and reschedule appointments online. The system automatically updates the doctors' calendars, reducing scheduling conflicts and wait times.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Our EMR system securely digitizes and centralizes patient records, including detailed medical history, current and past treatment plans, laboratory and test results, and medication information. This facilitates easy access and transfer of patient data within the clinic and with external healthcare providers.

Doctor Profile

Each doctor's profile includes detailed information such as educational background, areas of expertise, years of experience, and patient feedback.


This integrated module enables clinics to send automated appointment reminders, promotional messages, and transaction confirmations to patients via SMS or email. It also supports customized communication strategies for patient engagement and retention.

Accounts Receivable

Manage and track all incoming payments, including patient fees and insurance reimbursements. This system helps in identifying overdue payments and streamline the collection process.

Accounts Payable

Keep track of all financial obligations, such as payments to vendors, utility bills, and Dividends, ensuring timely and accurate financial management.

Chart of Accounts

Offers a comprehensive organizational structure for all financial accounts, making it easier to monitor financial states, prepare financial statements, and conduct audits.

Patient Payment History

Provides a complete record of each patient’s financial transactions, including past and pending payments, which is essential for financial transparency.

Pharmacy Module

Clinic HUB revolutionizes your pharmacy operations by automating inventory management. Effortlessly track medication stock levels, monitor expiry dates, and enable automatic reordering of supplies to maintain optimal inventory. Also links doctor prescriptions to the pharmacy, ensuring quick, error-free dispensing and improved patient satisfaction.

Radiology Module

Manages scheduling, tracking, and reporting of radiological services. Ensures efficient handling of imaging procedures such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans. Provides secure and immediate access to radiology reports and images.

Laboratory Module

Clinic HUB streamlines laboratory operations from order to result delivery, ensuring rapid communication with doctors, patients and labs. Importantly, it archives all past test results for each patient, supporting comprehensive and ongoing care.

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Clinic HUB Clinic Management

Clinic HUB is your all-encompassing solution for smooth clinic management, perfectly tailored for individual practices to multi-disciplinary healthcare centers. Going beyond traditional patient check-ins, it specializes in pre-visit registration, patient management, treatment scheduling, and follow-up care, guaranteeing an efficient and integrated clinic experience.

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