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Elevate retail experiences with POSHUB, our all-in-one Point of Sale and Management System, catering to diverse retail environments from small stores to large shopping malls, and everything in between.

Our comprehensive solution includes all the crucial features needed for efficiently managing, analyzing, and streamlining your retail operations, giving you a competitive edge. POSHUB combines ease of transaction, inventory control, customer management, and insightful analytics into one seamless system, revolutionizing the way you do business and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Sales Transaction
Table Management
Payment Processing
Sales Transaction Module

POSHUB's Sales Transaction module is the core that simplifies the checkout process. It quickly applies discounts, calculates totals, and accepts different payment types. Helping speed up transactions, ensuring accurate billing, and improves the overall customer checkout experience.

Inventory Management Module

Our Inventory Management module offers real-time tracking of stock levels, automates inventory replenishment, alerts you when Stock levels are low, and provides insights into sales trends to aid in forecasting.

Table Management Module

The Table Management module makes managing restaurant tables easy. It tracks which tables are occupied and helps with order management, ensuring guests get quick and accurate service.

Payment Processing Module

The Payment Processing module in POSHUB ensures a smooth and secure transaction for every purchase. It supports multiple payment methods including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and cash. Equipped with the latest security protocols, this module guarantees safe and swift payment processing

Appointment Scheduling Module

Our Appointment Scheduling module facilitates the management of appointments and service schedules, integrating with staff calendars to avoid overbooking and ensuring efficient time management.

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