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Revolutionize education with our all-in-one school and learning management system (SMS + LMS), serving educational institutions from kindergarten to universities and beyond.

Our comprehensive solution encompasses all the features essential for effectively managing, analyzing, and controlling your organization, providing the competitive advantage you seek.


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Our education system is innovative and customer-oriented, designed to empower school managers in controlling and enhancing both learning and school operations.

Student Management

Optimize student management effortlessly. Streamline records, track progress, enhance communication, and generate clinic and fitness reports seamlessly. Welcome to a smarter way to manage students, clinics, and fitness data.

Attendance Management

Revolutionize attendance tracking with RFID technology. Effortlessly automate, monitor, and generate real-time reports. Experience effortless efficiency. Welcome to the future of precise attendance management.

Fees Management

Unlock financial efficiency with our Fees Management system. Automate transactions, personalize invoices, and get real-time updates. Parents enjoy seamless online payments, while administrators track effortlessly

HR & Payroll

Embrace effortless HR and Payroll management. Our system simplifies tasks, automates payroll, and ensures compliance seamlessly. Say hello to streamlined efficiency and a hassle-free workforce experience.

Call Accounting System

Optimize business communication with our Call Accounting System. Track calls, analyze usage, and manage costs in real-time.

Eye On School

Revolutionizes school operations with targeted Business Intelligence for every module. Streamline communication, empower teachers, and engage parents seamlessly. Welcome to a more efficient and connected school experience.

Website Management

Launch a dynamic website with our Online Portal Admission system. It includes key sections like Home, About Us, Student's Life, Gallery, News & Events, and Contact Us. Students access their profiles, attendance, homework, exams, warnings, fees, and more. Stay connected effortlessly.

Mobile App

Explore our Mobile App: log in securely, access profiles, attendance, homework, exams, calendar, events, fees, and more. Seamlessly manage student life anytime, anywhere.

Mail service

Explore our Mail Service: effortless emailing, efficient organization, and smooth connectivity. Stay productive and connected with ease. Welcome to streamlined communication.

Cultural tools

Dive into rich heritage with our cultural activities: drawing, music with various instruments, and more. Personalize your experience. Explore, create, connect.

SMS Service

Welcome to our SMS Service: Instant, personalized communication. Send updates and notifications effortlessly. Stay connected!

learning online

Enable online and offline connectivity for students and teachers. Effortless file transfers (videos, docs, PDFs) with FTP tools. Customized user upload permissions ensure secure collaboration.

Stock mangement

Manage vendors, categorize items, track sales, and purchases effortlessly. Real-time stock checks, item cancellations, detailed records, and comprehensive reports.

Our Solutions

Edu Hub School Management

Edu-Hub is your comprehensive solution for seamless school management, tailored for Kindergarten to High School. Beyond traditional registration, it excels in pre-registration, student management, class enrollment, and graduation processes, ensuring an effective and streamlined educational experience.

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