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Your destination for business-focused hardware solutions that integrate seamlessly with our systems. From high-performance workstations to essential networking gear and specialized healthcare devices, HubIT delivers the technology you need to boost your business operations. Trust in our expertise to provide reliable, cutting-edge hardware that complements your Clinic HUB or Hospital HUB system, ensuring efficiency and growth. Choose HubIT for smart hardware choices that power your progress.

Fingerprint Scanner: Secure your premises with our biometric fingerprint scanners. These devices provide a quick and reliable method for identity verification, ensuring controlled access to sensitive areas. Ideal for schools, clinics, and businesses, our scanners enhance security protocols by replacing traditional locks or keypads with advanced biometric technology.

Thermal Cameras: Our thermal cameras are designed for high-precision temperature monitoring, playing a critical role in health and safety compliance. They are invaluable in detecting elevated body temperatures from a distance, making them essential for malls, hotels, and clinics in today’s health-conscious environment.

Smart Boards: Transform your presentations and collaborative sessions with our interactive smart boards. These versatile displays allow users to write, touch, and swipe, bringing interactivity to learning in schools and strategic planning in businesses. Smart boards are a dynamic tool for engaging audiences and facilitating modern, tech-driven communication.

PBX Central: Streamline your organization’s communication with our PBX central systems. These private branch exchange networks enable efficient call routing within your company, providing a reliable backbone for internal and customer-facing communications. Suitable for any size business, our PBX solutions are customizable to fit the unique needs of your operation, whether it’s a hotel, school, or clinic.